Monday, October 28, 2013

Review: Wantable October Accessories Box

I posted a short review of my Wantable accessories box from September over here, and actually cancelled my subscription to it after that box. I just wasn't feeling it. I received things that were listed as "dislikes" under my preferences (hoop earrings), and I really would have worn only one thing out of that box.

I can't speak for the customer service in terms of fixing the problem of getting something I shouldn't have, because I didn't contact them, but canceling was as easy as one click of the button. That's a problem I sometimes hear about of other subscription boxes, and I'm glad it wasn't the case for Wantable.

First, let me preface this review by saying that this box was provided for me to do a writeup on. Not that it should affect what I'm saying in any way.

I placed the order on October 10, and received it on the 17th.

Here's everything I received in my box this month. Sunglasses, a necklace and a pair of earrings.

Front of the sunglasses.

Back of the sunglasses.
Not really something I'd wear. Again, I don't think this box really matches my style at all. I answered the preferences questionnaire based on the one picture provided per category, so I don't think those single pictures are really capturing what kinds of accessories fall under those categories. 

Necklace that's a little too chunky for me.

Earrings that I might wear out soon.

This time, I emailed customer service about my quiz, and how I could tweak it to get stuff I'd actually like. I heard back from them really quickly and I've made the changes to my quiz, so we'll see how that goes with my next box. I've paused subscription on it, but I'm sure I'll continue again soon enough.

I'm sure someone somewhere would love the stuff I've gotten in my boxes, but since I don't I can't say that this was worth the $36. If you'd like to try it out, click here to sign up! It's $40 a month for a one-time purchase, or $36 for a monthly subscription. It's really easy to skip months and to cancel, so I'd say to just go for the monthly subscription.


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